10 Things.

Every Day brings New Life,

Live within 24 hours. 

  1. Respect everything and everyone. 
  2. If You do not agree with someone and they do not agree with You. Leave it. Learn from each other. 
  3. Listen to Your own Advice 
  4. Be Open to anything. 
  5. Listen to Your Intuition, feel Your Instinct. 
  6. Know Yourself better than You know of others. 
  7. Get to know Your own Sins/Virtues; then balance them. 
  8. Be mindful of others Beliefs, learn from other Beliefs. 
  9. Do not Trespass on others, in any form. 
  10. Rotate Your Energy everyday.


(via crazyfeather)


anxiety is terrible, you could be having an attack and no one would even know because it’s an inward thing. it feels like you’re malfunctioning and you can’t process your own thoughts. you get a knot in your stomach and you can’t take a full breath but outwardly you can literally just sit there and look completely normal as long as no one tries to speak to you.